The Farm

Our Palugo Farm is just 40 min from Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, though truly is a world away- an oasis. Here the residents and visitors are dedicated to living in a sustainable manner and manifest this through organic farming, ecological building and pemaculture.

Palugo or Casantopamba de Palugo, is an integral community with distinct activities working together to complement and nourish one with the other. We believe that it is essential to live an inter-connected existence with everything around us, and most importantly in accordance to the needs of the earth.

•  Our organic gardens feed 30 families every week.

•  In our constructions we thrive to utilizing local, sustainable, and low-impact materials so as to adapt to the environment around us. We also work to seek out the traditions and knowledge of the natives when building.

•  Our numerous animals are free-grazing and we are the first fully certified organic milk producers in Ecuador.

•  The people who live and work at Palugo Farm share a common vision: a dream to walk upon the earth more lightly and work to nourish instead of deplete it.

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