About us

We are an outdoor adventure and sustainability school based in the outskirts of Quito, Ecuador. We are also a certified organic dairy farm and CSA.

Our project is runned by an intentional family based community consisting of 4 families of teachers, adventurers, climbers and their children, who work, live, and play at Palugo Farm.

Nahual’s main objective is to offer children, adolescents, and adults a space to experience and learn through permaculture, adventure sports, and wilderness living. It is our hope that they may take us by the hand and help us, and themselves, expand our potential as human beings.

We offer programs in a space where the relationship between the participants and the environment becomes coherent enough that one can clearly experience and understand the fundamental importance of sustainability.

Our core team both live and work in Palugo and are deeply committed and inspired by the idea of creating a better world for the generations who follow.

Click here to take a visual tour of our project

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